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        With hundreds of world-class metalworking machines for sale to choose from, there’s no better time to call Action Machinery.

        Over the past four decades, Action Machinery has been one of the the leading machine tool and equipment dealers in the United States.

        With hundreds of state-of-the-art machines under power in our 70,000 square foot showroom, we can deliver your machine to you within a few days rather than waiting for several months.

        In addition to our large inventory, we have a highly skilled and knowledgeable staff with over 215 years of combined machine tool experience. We will take the time to match you with the perfect machine to fit your needs…and your budget.

        Action Machinery also sells parts for all our new machines and a complete line of machine tool accessories. Our outstanding service department will provide you with the highest level of support to ensure that your new machine runs well for years to come.

        Buy your new and used machinery with confidence from Action Machinery

        Since 1965, Action Machinery has been a proud member of ?the Machinery Dealers National Association (MDNA), which holds its affiliates to a high standard of business practices in the used machinery industry.

        Let Action Machinery help your business reach new levels of production, speed and versatility with machines from these popular manufacturers:

        • Acer
        • Blanchard
        • Bridgeport
        • Brown & Sharpe
        • Chevalier
        • Clausing
        • Dake
        • DoAll
        • Fadal
        • Haas

        • Hardinge
        • Harig
        • Hurco
        • Hyd-Mech
        • K.O. Lee
        • Kalamazoo
        • Kent
        • Kingston
        • LeBlond
        • Marvel

        • Matsuura
        • Mazak
        • Multipress
        • Omax
        • Scotchman
        • Sharp
        • Sunnen
        • Tennsmith
        • W.F. Wells
        • Willis

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